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Planted Roots is a South African fruit tree and plant nursery in Cape Town. Our fruit trees are grown naturally. We offer you the very best trees that can be grown in SA. Farming fruit trees is a complex and intricate process. Get in touch if you have any questions!



Goats are used for milk, meat, fur, soap, and skins. Goat prices vary depending on breed, location, and age.

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Bunny Rabbits

Bunny rabbits are amazing, affectionate, and social pets. They are great house pets if you take the time to socialize them.

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Bamboo Trees

Bamboo trees for sale in South Africa. Different types of bamboo trees. Find out where you can buy bamboo.

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Fruit Trees

Keeping fruit trees healthy and pest free is a commitment you will have to make for your fruit trees to produce fruit.

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Grape Vines

Find out more about the different grapevines available in South Africa.

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Koi Fish

Koi fish are large, elegant, brightly coloured fish kept in ponds. They have been bred for hundreds of years.

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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo is also known as Phyllostachys Nigra. It grows in an upright position. Generally, the stems grow around 3m – 7m in height.

Bambusa Tuldoides

Bambusa Tuldoides is a bamboo tree that grows natively in Southern China and Vietnam. This is a yellow clumping bamboo variety.

Bambusa Balcooa

Bambusa balcooa is a densely tufted tree and it’s known as a sympodial bamboo. They have a whitish ring on top and have tiny hairs below.

Clementine Orange Trees

The Clementine Orange tree is of a variety of mandarin orange. Also known as Citrus reticulata.

Golden Delicious Apple

These apples can be yellow or limey green. They are soft-skinned apples that can grow to medium or large.

Alpine Nectarine Trees

Alpine nectarine trees have red skins and yellow flesh and were bred in South Africa.

Pioneer Plum Trees

The pioneer plum tree is popular in South Africa. There is no juicier fruit than a ripe plum.

Oom Sarel Peach Trees

Oom Sarel Peach is a cling peach. It has yellow skin as well as yellow flesh. They are very succulent and firm flesh.

Eureka Lemon

Eureka lemons have greenish-yellow flesh colour. They are very tender, juicy and fine-grained. They have a highly acidic flavour.

Sultana Grape Vine

The sultana grape vine has a juicy, sweet and refreshing grape. They are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Hanepoot Grape Vine

The Hanepoot green grape vine produces a medium-sized grape. They are round like a berry and contain seeds.

Crimson Red Grape

The Crimson Seedless Red Grape Vine produces elongated Crimson coloured grapes. This variety is a very juicy fruit.

Forelle Pear Tree

The Forelle Pear Tree produces a beautifully shaped pear. It’s a yellow fruit, speckled with crimson.

Bon Chretien Pear

The Williams Bon Chretien Pear Trees produce a lovely tasting variety of pear. Sweet too the taste and very juicy.

Williams Banana

The Williams Bananas tree grows bananas that are rich in fibre and helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Black Mission Fig

Why choose Black Mission Fig Trees in South Africa? The black fig tree has a lovely sweet taste.

Green Fig Tree

The green fig tree in South Africa generally produces larger, fatter figs than the black fig trees.

Cape Brown Fig

The Cape Brown Fig tree produces small/medium-sized fruit. They have a thin skin that feels ribbed to the touch.

Adam Fig Tree

The Adam fig tree is one of the oldest figs you can get. They have big green leaves which hide the fruit.

Prunus Domestica Plum

The Prunus domestica plum tree, also known as “Greengage”, require little effort to grow.

Quince Tree

The Cape Brown Fig tree produces small/medium-sized fruit. They have a thin skin that feels ribbed to the touch.

Almond Peerless

The Almond Peerless tree produces nuts that are reasonably large. The shell of the nut is hard.

Almond Ne Plus Ultra

The Almond Ne Plus Ultra is a variety of almond that contains rich proteins. Deciduous trees from France.

About Planted Roots

Fruit Tree Nursery Situated in Cape Town, South Africa

Planted Roots are a top seller of fruit trees in South Africa. We supply the average backyard gardener. Our fruit tree nursery offers a huge selection of different varieties of apple, peach, banana, plums, nectarine etc.