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fruit trees for sale cape town

Growing fruit trees in South Africa is worth the effort. If your garden space is limited, you don’t need to grow an entire orchard. Start with one or two trees. Growing them in pots will keep them smaller and contained. Keeping them healthy and pest free is a commitment you will have to make in order for them to produce fruit.

Select Trees For Your Climatic Region

There are many different types of fruit trees in South Africa to choose from. Consider selecting trees that work well in your climatic region. Some prefer full sun, where others prefer semi shade. Doing it this way will require less effort to keep them alive. As well as bearing fruit. When growing your own you will know exactly what you’re eating! They can be divided into two groups: pome fruit trees and stone fruit trees. This is important as the two groups need to be pruned at different times in order for it to produce maximum fruit.

Stone Fruit Trees

These include cherries, peaches, apricots plums. It’s best to prune these trees after the flowering season in April/May as they can mildew if pruned over the winter period.

Pome Fruit Trees

These Include pears and apples. Only prune these in dry weather around January or March. Never prune these trees during cold weather as they are susceptible to disease.

Taste and Flavours

Fruit trees come in a large variety of flavours and colours. The health benefits of eating fresh fruit every day is also enormous. There are also benefits to eating bamboo. The perfect place to plant is in your backyard or even large pots if space is an issue.

different types of fruit trees
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Planting Fruit Trees

Before planting, find out which trees grow best in your climatic region. Some trees struggles to grow in the wrong areas. Once your climatic zone has been established, and the trees bought, keep watering and make sure they get enough sunlight and it should grow just fine in any area in South Africa. How to plant containerized trees.

The Importance of Well-Drained Soil

Generally, all trees and plants like similar well-drained soil to grow. Find an area in your garden with well-drained soil to plant the fruit tree. Alternatively, mix your own soil. Dig a wide hole around the tree and backfill it will well-drained soil. The trees root ball must fit comfortably in the hole. Once planted, soak it well with water. Mulching around the base of the tree will help the soil retain moisture.