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Showa Sanshoku Koi

Showa Sanshoku is a koi fish known for its red, black and white colour patterns. In fact, the word Sanshoku means 3 colours. Generally people call them Showa for short.

The Showa koi is recognised by its black Sumi. Solid, dark black patterns are desired with these fish. Generally, having all three colour patterns on the head shows a high-quality Showa Sanshoku.



Showa Sanshoku often gets confused with Sanke. Both fish have the same colours. The difference between the two fish is that Showa is a black koi fish with white and red markings. Sanke, on the other hand, are white koi with black and red markings.

How To Select a High-Quality Showa?

Firstly, when selecting a young Showa, look at the head. The head of the fish should have all three colours present. Red, black, and white. The colours should preferably be in equal amounts. The best option would be to have the head of a Kohaku with a lightning stripe or a Y -shape in black on the top of the head.

Types of Showa Sanshoku Koi Fish By Head Patterns:

  1. Hi Showa – Mostly red in colour. The patterns usually cover the top half of the fish. Running all the way from the head to the tail.
  2. Kindai Showa – Mostly white in colour. White covers around 40% – 50% of the body. This form of Showa koi is a newer breed.
  3. Old-Style Showa – This type of Showa is covered mostly with black. Additionally, there is very little white on this fish.

Types of Showa Sanshoku Koi Fish By Head Patterns:

  • Tancho – This is a red marking that is usually round and found only on the head and between the eyes.
  • Maruten – Similar red marking on the head of the fish, with the exception of the red body pattern.
  • Boke – This is when the Sumi found on the Showa is somewhat blurred and can be more of a grey colour than black.


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