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Kohaku Koi

The Kohaku Koi fish is probably the most well-known breed of all the Koi.

They have an amazing white base colour with red shapes and patterns spread across their body.

The highest quality Kohaku koi fish will be blemish-free. Additionally, the deep red patterns are spread out along its body.



Kohaku Koi Variations in South Africa Include:

  1. Doitsu Kohaku
  2. Gin Rin Kohaku
  3. Maruten Kohaku
  4. Tancho Kohaku.

When they are young, the red/orange patterns on its head will more than likely be darker, and possibly brighter, than the rest of the markings on its body. As they get older, their body colouration will match the colour on its head. Generally, the red/orange patterns will cover around 50% – 70% of its body. These fish are judged on the purity of the white on its body as well as the colouration of the red patterns.


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