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Mini Rex Bunny Rabbit


The Mini Rex rabbit is a smaller version of the Rex Rabbit, a breed known for its beautiful, plush, velvety fur. Today, the Mini Rex Rabbit one of the most popular entries at rabbit shows.

Mini Rex bunnies make the ideal pets for new parents, kids, the elderly, couples, and singles, thanks to their quiet and gentle temperament. They are motherly, friendly, docile, and thrive in human affection.

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The Mini Rex bunny rabbit in South Africa might be the pet that finally proves once and for all that size doesn’t matter. The diminutive size of these bunnies didn’t diminish their beauty. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Rex rabbits are known for their well-proportioned physique, luxurious coat, and overall charming appearance. The miniature size of the Mini Rex rabbit only increases their appeal. It’s everything that everyone loves about the Rex packed into a tiny package that is even more adorable in every conceivable way.

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Reasons Mini Rex Bunny Rabbits Make Great Pets

Some bunny rabbit breeds are known for their fiery personalities. This isn’t the case with Mini Rex rabbits. Although individual personalities vary, by and large, Mini Rex rabbits are easygoing and docile. People have described the breed as:

  • Gentle
  • Calm
  • Sociable
  • Playful
  • Curious
  • Friendly

Although these qualities make Mini Rex rabbits a desirable pet, it’s important to be careful. Pet rabbits in general are delicate. They can be injured easily by rough or careless handling. This goes double for miniature breeds. Even the calmest bunny can bite or scratch if it feels threatened, though. So take care to be gentle.

Mini Rex Bunny Rabbit Prices South Africa

Mini Rex rabbits are usually sold for between R800 and R1200. Bunnies with unusual colors and distinct markings can fetch higher prices. The price of these rabbits can vary greatly depending on the breeder.

Do I Have Enough Time To Care For a Mini Rex Rabbit?

Mini Rex Rabbits in South Africa are usually clean animals and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Yet still, you should spend some hours to maintain and take proper care of your Rabbit. This is especially true if you want to bond with them. Also, don’t forget to get them toys! It’ll keep them away from chewing or nibbling on your stuff, like wires or gadgets.

Official Colors and Markings

The following are the recognized Mini Rex colors and markings:

  • Black – Rabbits with black coats must have dark and rich black that runs deeply in the skin and blends to a dark blue under color. These rabbits have dark brown eyes.
  • Blue – Bunnies with blue coats should have dark blue coats that run deeply to the skin and has a medium-blue under color with blue-grey eyes.
  • Castor – Rabbits with castor color have a rich chestnut color that is tipped with black. The color underneath is slate blue. The ears have black ends with belly, eye circles, and jowls in cream color. The eyes of castor rabbits are brown or black with blue.
  • Chinchilla – The Chinchilla is a mixture of black and pearl, which is the color of the true Chinchilla. This bunny has slate-blue under hair and has a white belly. The ears are laced in black with eye circles in pearl. The upper part of the tail is black, while the bottom part of the tail is white. The eyes of a Chinchilla may be brown or blue-grey.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate has lovely chocolate brown coats and has a dove-gray under color plus brown eyes.
  • Himalayan – Himalayan is bright white while the ears, tail, feet, and nose are black or dark blue. It has pink eyes and dark toenails.
  • Lilac – The lilac color has a dove-grey tint and a lilac shade. Toenails and eyes match and are bluish-grey.
  • Lynx – The Lynx color is light-fawn tipped with lilac. The rabbit has white under-color and with white eye circles, belly, jowls, the underside of tails, and inside of ears. The belly has a lilac under color, and the eyes are blue-grey.
  • Silver Marten – The Silver Marten, has a variety of colors, including blue, black, lilac, or chocolate colors. The underbelly is silver/white, as well as the chin, tail, and head.
  • Opal – These rabbits are medium blue, with a fawn-intermediate color and blue-grey under fur color. The underside of the tail, jowls, inside ears, and eye circles. The eyes are blue-grey.
  • Otter – Otter varieties accepted colors are chocolate, blue, black, and lilac. There is cream color surrounding the eyes and on the belly with appropriate under colors. Otters must have Rufus marks lacing ears, the area behind the neck, the inner thighs, and the edge of the stomachs.
  • Red – Reds must not have shading or little shading as much as possible. It must have a cream belly while the eyes are brown.
  • Sable – Sables is a rich sepia brown color that will gradually fade to a lighter sepia on the side of the body, chest, inside the legs, belly, and under the tail. These rabbits have brown eyes.
  • Sable Point – Sable Points have lighter brown, darker ears, tail, nose, and feet. The eyes are brown.
  • Seal – Mini Rex Seals have a dark brown body that gradually fades to a lighter color on the chest and belly. The eyes of these rabbits are brown.
  • Tortoise – Mini Rex Tortoises are rich orange with a dark shade along the belly, rear, feet, sides, ears, and face. Tortoise rabbits have brown eyes.
  • Red-Eyed White – these are pure-white Mini Rex with pink eyes
  • Blue-Eyed White – these are pure-white Mini Rex with blue eyes
  • Broken – this is Mini Rex color, which is an accepted color together with white.
  • Tri-Color – this is Mini Rex with white with either orange and black, fawn and lilac, fawn and blue and orange, and chocolate.
  • Pattern – This is Mini Rex rabbits with a balanced nose and eye markings, colored ears, and tail. Colored body spots and the colored areas should be 10 to 50% of the rabbit’s body.


All our Mini Rex bunny rabbits are purebred and they can be delivered via courier to Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, and Western Cape.

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