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Bambusa Balcooa


Bambusa Balcooa Bamboo is a densely tufted tree and it’s known as a sympodial bamboo in South Africa. It’s a tropical clumping bamboo species.

The culms on the tree are on average between 12 meters and 22 meters high and 6cm and 15cm in diameter. This bamboo originated from Northeast India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It’s used in the construction of some villages in Bangladesh.

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Bambusa Balcooa Bamboo nodes are thickened. They have a whitish ring on top and have tiny hairs below. The young bamboo shoots have a blackish-green colour with some yellow.

This bamboo grows best in places where the daytime temperatures are within the range 22 – 28°c but can tolerate 9 – 35°c. Bambusa Balcooa does well in tropical monsoon climates. Generally, they prefer an annual rainfall of around 2,500 – 3,000mm.


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