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Bunny rabbits are amazing, affectionate, and social pets. They can be great house pets if you take the time to socialize them and learn about their basic body language. However, bunny rabbits require a lot more care than people typically expect, so it’s important to be prepared before bringing one home.

Baby bunnies are born without fur. They usually develop fur in about a week. After 12 days, they develop a soft, fluffy coat that makes them irresistibly cute. That soft fur will last from a few months to a year. After that, they shed their fluffy coats and grow their smooth adult coats. The colors of a baby bunny’s coat don’t show what color it will be as an adult. Many bunnies start at one color and develop another when they become adults.

South African Bunny Rabbit Breeders

We breed a range of different bunny rabbit breeds in South Africa as house pets. All our rabbits are purebred and they can be delivered via courier around the country.


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How Much Do Bunny Rabbits Cost in South Africa?

Depending on the breed, colours, and size, you can expect to pay anywhere from R1000 a bunny, to R2000 a bunny (from specialized bunny breeders). Breeders vary in what they charge for their specific breed of rabbit. Rare breeds will get much higher prices per rabbit.

What Bunny Breeds Do We Stock

Rabbits make great pets, but with so many options you will want to make sure you choose the right rabbit breed for your family. Below is a list of the purebred rabbits we breed.

Bunny rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. They are adorable and brimming with personality. Rabbits are social animals. The location of a rabbit’s housing area within your home is an extremely important consideration. You’ll have to make sure the rabbit has a place to relax by himself but is not completely secluded from the family. Rabbits need social interaction, plenty of exercise, and a lot of enrichment activities.

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